Fillon and Le Pen attack Macron to condemn French invasion

Macron said that his statements were aimed not at the French combatants from the war of Algeria (1954-1962) nor to the French who had to leave the colony. | Photo: Sputnik

Candidates for the presidential elections in France of the parties, Republicans, François Fillon, and national front, Marine Le Pen, attacked on Thursday the candidate and former Minister of Economics, Emmanuel Macron, by qualifying the French colonization in Algeria as a “crime against humanity”.
Through a television interview, Macron said that “France should apologize” with Algeria by colonization.
“I think that it is inadmissible to glorify the period of colonization,” said independent candidate.
“Some have wanted it do in France ten years ago. To me I never listen to make such statements. “I always have condemned the colonization as an act of barbarism”, stressed.
> Surveys targeting Emmanuel Macron as President of France for Macron, “colonization is part of the history of France”, but remains a “crime, a crime against humanity and a true barbarism”.
“Is part of that past that we must face presenting our apologies to those affected,” he added.
After the statements of the former Minister of economy them critical not be made wait. Fillon and Le Pen, as well as others, judged their comments as they go against their own country.
For Le Pen, “there is nothing worse for someone who wants to be President who go abroad to accuse the country that wants to direct crime against humanity”.
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