Chosen by Trump to Security Adviser rejects the post

Robert Harward (c) refused the post because they did not let you form your own team, according to CNN | Photo: Reuters

The retired Vice Admiral Robert Harward, chosen by the President of the United States, Donald Trump, to become his new Adviser on national security following the resignation of Michael Flynn, rejected the charge.
In dialogue with the Associated Press News Agency, Harward said his decision is based exclusively on a “personal issue”, because he wants to “enjoy some personal time” after 40 years in the army.
“Since I retired, I have the opportunity to address financial and family affairs that from this position (Advisor) would be complicated,” Harward said in a release. Ah Trump decided to choose Harward once Flynn renounced his post on Monday because of the growing controversy over his contacts with the Russian Ambassador, days before the Tycoon to assume the Presidency of the United States. 
Leaders Republican cited by the CNN under condition of anonymity, revealed that the Vice Admiral ruled out the work to the check that not could form their own team as had asked and that not were clear them lines of command.
While The Washington Post published a similar version of the Harward reasons to reject the charge.
> Trump says that he inherited “a mess” inside and outside U.S.
Also, a friend of the Vice Admiral said to CNN that to Harward you seems “chaotic” the way in which works the House white of Trump, a reason that also collects the The New York Times.