Russia is vital to resolve global conflicts, says Berlin

The Foreign Ministers discussed international problems, especially the crisis in Ukraine, Syria and Libya. | Photo: Sputnik Novosti

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel, considered that global conflicts cannot be resolved without the participation of Russia. It gave these statements after the first day of informal consultations of the Foreign Ministers of the Group of 20 meeting.
The diplomatic meeting was held in the city of Bonn, in Western Germany. The Minister and also Vice Chancellor of Germany said that “it is clear regardless of how evaluates the role of Russia, without Russia is not possible to resolve any conflict”.
He also informed the press that at the meeting with the Foreign Minister of Russia, Serguéi Lavrov, discussed international issues with special attention to the resolution of the crisis in Ukraine, Syria and Libya. Also discussed the relations bilateral.
Gabriel also referred to the debate on the defense budget in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). He stressed the importance of the debate but he qualified it to be a “very limited” discussion. Recalled that many of them million of refugees that have arrived to Germany come from territories where are have led to out “interventions military failed”.
He said that this Friday the leaders of Europe, United States and the Arab region will meet to discuss the situation in Syria and “political solutions”. The meeting, being held this 16 and 17 February, occurs within the framework of the German Presidency of the group which includes 23 Nations in development.
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