Presidiaria population today exercises its right to vote in Ecuador

According to the Ecuadorian Constitution adopted in 2008, prisoners who have no enforceable guilty verdict are exercising their right to universal vote. | Photo: CNE Ecuador

Vice President of the National Electoral Council of Ecuador (CNE), Nubia Villacis, reported Thursday that convicted prisoners exert the vote in at least 34 detention centres in 20 of the 24 provinces of the South American country.
In exclusive interview with teleSUR the CNE Vice President explained that there is “a very well coordinated logistics with the Ministry of the Interior, where we will take the vote in all maximum security and temporary detention centres”.
Villacis reported that the day electoral for them detained began to first hours of it tomorrow “by a theme logistics, so is perform the process of voting and will end to them 03 H 00 hour local”.

Voting of persons deprived of liberty without condemnatory judgment rendered will take place today on February 16. @cnegobec Villacis (@nubiavillacis) 16 of February of 2017 the Ministry of Justice reported days before the day electoral for them prisoners has with the presence of observers national e international, as the Union of Nations South American (Unasur) and the Organization of States American (OAS) with the objective of ensure the transparency in them elections previous to the next 19 of February.

71 together receiving of the vote (JRV) is installed for day election of #VotoPPL Ecuador (@cnegobec) 16 of February of 2017 in Quito, interviewing to Nubia Villacis Vice President of the CNE-Council National Electoral-to 3 days of the elections by @teleSURtv

-Jorge Gestoso (@JorgeGestoso) 16 February 2017 in relation to the “vote in house” that disabled citizens exercise this Friday prior to next Sunday’s election, the Vice President said that “is a beautiful project that we have and we have institutionalized it, where will take the vote to more than 800 people with motor disabilities.” We brought you the URN to his home so that they exercise this right”.
> Proposals for candidates for the Presidency of Ecuador data: Ecuadorians will elect in the first round, next February 19, the President and Vice-President of the country, as well as 15 national assemblymen, 103 provincial, District 13, six foreign and five representatives to the Andean Parliament.
More than 12 million citizens are called to participate in the process, whose second round would only be 2 April 2017, if necessary.