Possibility rejects sanctions of USA against El Aissami

The Vice President is accused for alleged drug trafficking. | Photo: Press presidential

Force Armada Nacional Bolivariana (possibility) of Venezuela on Wednesday rejected shouldnít actions of the United States Government, through the Treasury Department of the American nation, against the Venezuelan Executive Vice-President, Tareck El Aissami.
In a statement, published on the web portal of the Ministry of Defense, the possibility points out that these actions “threaten in a vile manner against the citizen Tareck Zaidan Aissami Maddah, Executive Vice President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, who unjustly seek to sully in his honor, making absolutely no signs of Foundation and legality”.
> Venezuela demands us respect toward his Vice President so, Minister for defense of Venezuela, Vladimir Padrino Lopez, expressed its “most categorical rejection to the new Act of States United America s injerencismo”.

Reject, once again, the imperialistic interventionism, along with the “national spirit” invoked in Angostura Bolívar #VenezuelaConTareck https://t.co/3wJkQr3ie8 – Vladimir Padrino l. (@vladimirpadrino) 15 February 2017 these statements are produced once the Office of Control of real aliens of the Department of the Treasury of United States adopted Monday sanctions against the Venezuelan Vice President for alleged violations of drug laws.
According to Washington, El Aissami “plays an important role in international narcotics trafficking”.