Mexico evaluates postpone again increased of petrol

Since the announcement of the rise in fuel, social organizations, associations of freight forwarders and transport unions raised his voice against the so-called gasolinazo. | Photo: EFE

The Secretariat of finance and public credit of Mexico (SHCP) explores the possibility of keeping unchanged the price of gasolines that must announce this Friday.
This federal unit is reviewing the conditions of international gasoline markets as well as the foreign exchange market and costs in order to determine if there will be an increase in fuel prices.
“We are still reviewing”, said the Mexican Secretary of Treasury, José Antonio Meade, adding that they will continue “working. There is the standard, we will have to continue checking to better reflect international conditions”. 
As means to keep maximum contributions follows: 15.99 pesos per liter of gasoline Magna; 17.99 pesos the Premium and 17.05 pesos diesel.
> The gasolinazo in Mexico analysts agree that upward for the category will hurt the standard of living of Mexicans, by its effect on the price of other commodities.
The minimum wage in Mexico round 120 dollars and the price of the basic basket exceeds $230, an increase in the price of gasoline would greatly affect the cost of living in that country.
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