Mexico celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Teatro Degollado between lights

In this celebration the story of the city of Guadalajara since its foundation. | Photo: @GDLuzFestival

As part of the festivities by them 150 years of the theatre Degollado of the city of Guadalajara, capital of the State Mexican of Jalisco (Center), is celebrates from the 14 to the 18 of February a show of lights that coincides with them 475 years of the Foundation of that city.
He event is develops in a shaft of 1.2 kilometers square that already met the last Tuesday to more than 80 thousand people, between the Cathedral metropolitan and the Institute Cultural cabins, with the theatre slain as axis of the travel of them lights.
Festival of storytelling 2017 in Cuba will feature 12 artists enjoy the @GDLuzFestival without any problems. Join the party of the city following these safety recommendations. #FelizCumpleGDL!

— Gob. Guadalajara (@GuadalajaraGob) 16 February 2017 the expectant crowd was amazed by the displacement of a luminous sphere towards the center of liberation square, opposite the theatre.
The event features firework shows, multimedia, art, interactive installations as well as neon lights that reflect giant faces.
The festival is sponsored by the Mayor of Guadalajara, which is expected to receive at least 300 thousand visitors during the four scheduled days.

We lit us! #GDLUZ – GDLUZ Festival (@GDLuzFestival) 15 February 2017 > Festival of poetry in Nicaragua will have international presence the Festival GDLuz, as it is known, concentrates in the Degollado Theatre multimedia show its biggest attraction through an immersive audio-visual experience, which, according to the organizers, only had performed in cities such as Lyon (France), London (United Kingdom), Sydney (Australia) and Kobe.
History of the transformative history of Mexico theatre was witness to the building of the Teatro Degollado, which was reopened at least five times after its foundation in 1866: on October 30, 1880, on September 15, 1910, on June 28, 1941, on September 8, 1964 and November 25, 2006.
The most recent restoration was carried out in 2005. During the year that remained closed were placed new flats, butaqueria; There was a general renovation, replacement of fixtures, change of plank in the stage, new dressing rooms, new air conditioning and installation of the hydraulic platform that allowed greater agility and brilliance of the leftovers.