HIV vaccine manages to control the virus without drugs

The analysis proved the importance of early detection of the virus. | Photo: EFE (reference)

A clinical trial of a vaccine against HIV, directed by the Research Institute of the IrsiCaixa AIDS, won for the first time that five infected persons immune system control only the virus itself. 
This process of control was achieved for a period of five, 13, 17, 20 and 27 weeks, respectively, in which patients did not take antiretroviral drugs. 
This essay was able to demonstrate that the system immune of people with HIV can re-educate is in some cases to help to control the virus during long periods without need of take treatment antiretroviral. 

Photo: EFE the study is still underway and is performed in Barcelona with a vaccine developed by researchers at the University of Oxford, and preliminary results were presented at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI), in Seattle (USA)
When a person interrupted antiretroviral therapy, the level of virus in their blood experience a rebound in the first first four after leaving drugs, explained Beatriz Mothe, researcher at the Irsicaixa.
That behavior is similar to them “drivers viraemia”, i.e., people with a system immune capable of control of way natural the amount of virus in the blood without medication.
Of the trial participants began to take treatment for six months after infection by HIV, a method known as “early treatment”. 
The HIV HIV infects cells of the immune system, destroys them or alter its operation and progressively impairs it. Immunodeficiency occurs when the defense system fails to fulfill its role to fight infections and other diseases. To these serious conditions opportunists are called them.
How is it transmitted?
1. by means of unprotected sex (vaginal, Annals, or oral) with an infected person.
2. by the transfusion of contaminated blood.
3. by sharing needles, syringes or other sharp objects.
4. by transmission from mother to the child during the pregnancy, the childbirth or the breastfeeding.