Festival will recreate Gaucho culture in Uruguay

Uruguay is ready to celebrate one of the most important cultural events in the country. | Photo: Patria Gaucha

With the presence of artists of national and international, rodeos and a parade of more than four thousand horses, runs the 31st Edition of the festival “Patria Gaucha”, maximum event of the culture and traditions of the interior of Uruguay.
Scheduled from 7 to March 12 in the town of Tacuarembo, “Patria Gaucha” will host a competition between Creole societies that recreate estancias and colonial field environments, as well as a parade around the city involving more than four thousand horses, considered the biggest gaucho country parade.
> More majestic libraries of the world in the presentation of the event, the President of the Organizing Committee of the festival, Hugo Pereda, explained that “Patria Gaucha” represents “largest and most complete expression of the Gaucho culture”.
The festival is geared to “recreate the life of field in all its manifestations” where the Uruguayans ‘reunited was”roots, added Pereda.
The Godfather of the 31 Edition, the humorist Argentine Luis Landriscina, stressed the authenticity of the party.
> Rembrandt used lenses and mirrors to their self-portraits, “this is a party that goes beyond gather to take a few mates, taking a wine, eat good meat… This intends to show young people the homeland comes from where and who made it”, he said.
Are scheduled activities as a contest of skills equestrian, samples of Arts and crafts, on of stove, payadas (music traditional Gaucho), artists international as them Argentinian Soledad Pastorutti and Luciano Pereyra and local as the Uruguayan Jorge Nasser.