ELN and Colombian Government installed submesas for peace negotiations

The ELN and the Government of Colombia thanked the guarantor countries of the dialogues for peace in Quito, Ecuador. | Photo: @ELN_RANPAL

The army of national liberation (ELN) and the Government of Colombia on Thursday issued a joint statement which reflected the progress made between the parties during the first week of public talks in Quito, Ecuador. 
In the document, they specified that, as part of the first results of the negotiation, they agreed to the installation of two submesas, a to determine the methods of social participation in peace and other agreements for humanitarian actions in the midst of the process. 

Reading the communiqué set N ° 1 ELN-Government pic.twitter.com/B4J6DZHk5D – ELN RANPAL (@ELN_RANPAL) 16 February 2017 “people are thinking it will be how the participation”, said the leader of the ELN and Chief negotiator of the insurgent group, Pablo Beltran, speaking at a Conference of press from Quito.
It also stressed that this first joint communiqué is a reflection that despite differences between the parties, there is a commitment for peace. 
For his part, the leader of the delegation from the Colombian Government, Juan Camilo Restrepo, said that the dialogues are beginning in “good spirits”.  
Restrepo added that these advances should guide the way towards the cessation to the fire bilateral to put end to the conflict armed social.  
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