Ecuador: Dalo Bucaram had links with fugitives exbanqueros

Dalo Bucaram, a candidate for the Presidency of Ecuador, linked with fugitives of national justice. | Photo: the Republic

The digital site La Junta revealed links between the would-be President of Ecuador, Dalo Bucaram, and brothers Roberto and William Isaias, fugitives of national justice and enemies of the Government led by Rafael Correa.  
The publication was reported by the head of State in your account on social networking site Twitter, after writing: ‘When he talks about Bucaram are listening to the Isaias’.   
> Five lies repeated by them opponents in Ecuador that information contains post electronic, which show that from 2011 the Isaiah used to the son of the exmandatario Abdala Bucaram to discredit to the Government national and take revenge of some officials public.
‘ The role of the current candidate Dalo Bucaram Pulley was to become man of the blows of the Isaiah, as he was responsible for leading attacks against the ‘enemies’ of the fugitives bankers, States the article.  
According to the Board, for that reason, the then legislator attacked repeatedly to banks exsuperintendente Falconí Puig in the National Assembly and all the spaces that had access, including media, social networks and politicians of their caucus.  

When speaks Bucaram are listening to them Isaiah. #BucaramEsIsaías – Rafael Correa (@MashiRafael) February 15, 2017 ‘ with these dirty practices, give it, along with the legal advisers of the Isaias brothers – Heidi Laniado Hollihan and Verónica Jairala – managed to prevent that Falconí Puig enter contest to integrate the national court of Justice in 2012 and that the Isaias brothers continue manipulating justice in Ecuador, though fugitives offenders ‘ expand the note.

On the other hand, the digital site also reveals emails involving Carlos Pareja Cordero (Capaco), who is at large in Peru and is processed as part of the corruption case detected in the Esmeraldas refinery.
> Vice President of Ecuador condemns aggression against a family member Tuesday in a video circulated on Youtube, former President Abdalá Bucaram Ortiz acknowledged that his friend, Roberto Isaias is his brother and accused the Government of President Rafael Correa “steal 200 companies a honorable family”.  
The revelations came to light when there are little more than 72 hours for general elections in which the people will define the next President, Vice President, 137 members of the National Assembly and five Andean parliamentarians.