Dejan released the son and brother of the President of Guatemala

The four beneficiaries must attend a court every Monday to sign the book of assistance and are prohibited from leaving the country. | Photo: EFE

An Appeals Chamber of Guatemala issued Thursday conditionally released for José Manuel and “Sammy” Morales, the son and brother of President Jimmy Morales, local media reported. The two will remain under house arrest, but is unknown at that time will be effective this resolution.
The resolution also helps Alma Veronica Barrios Moreno, exempleada of property registration and Mario Estuardo Orellana López, who must pay a 100,000 quetzales economic bond to regain their liberty, once the Chamber revoked the lack of merit awarded by judge Silvia de León in favor of “Sammy” Morales and Orellana López for money laundering. Both will be faced with charges for this offence.
The judicial authorities of Guatemala captured January 18, Samuel “Sammy” Morales, brother of President Jimmy Morales, as part of an investigation into a case of corruption after the falsification of documents in the registry of property. Later, José Manuel Morales Marroquín, the son of the President, surrendered to justice in the same case.
The Attorney general of Guatemala and head of the Public Ministry (MP), Thelma Aldana, confirmed the arrest of the brother of the President.
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