Peru: Toledo denounces “political lynching” against

Never I will yield to a ' hunting for witches ', said the former President. | Photo: EFE (file)

The former President of Peru, Alejandro Toledo, sought for alleged corruption, reported on Sunday that is the victim of a “political lynching” and claimed presumption of innocence about the crimes that are alleged.
In a statement published on their social networks, Toledo said that it is not a fugitive from Peruvian justice because when he left the country there are no charges against her.

The former Chief of State said that will defend its name with the condition of that not it “should prejudice” guilty.
> Peru offers reward for capture to the former President Toledo on Toledo weighs an order of captures international by allegedly having received 20 million of dollars in bribes from the company Odebrecht. A Peruvian judge’s order sets preliminary imprisonment for 18 months.
“I am willing to collaborate with justice but that is fair and within the rule of law, but I’m going to defend myself and I will never yield to a ‘witch hunt’ politically motivated ‘, said.
Toledo is supposedly located in United States, where he lives, but the Peruvian Government fears that it can travel to Israel, which has already announced it will not allow him entry until it meets not his affairs in Peru, as there is no Treaty on extradition between the two countries.
American Justice has not ordered the capture of Toledo in its territory because it is expecting that the public prosecutor in Peru extended him the information presented, said the Peruvian Interior Minister, Carlos Basombrío.
He President of Peru, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, requested its counterpart American Donald Trump, that evaluate the possibility of deport to Toledo to Peru within them powers legislative that you law of migration gives to the Department of State.