Football player refuses to play in Israel

Michael Bennett plays for the Seattle Seahawks. | Photo: Reuters (file)

A member of the defensive line of the Seattle Seahawks, Michael Bennett, refused to travel with his team to Israel, to avoid that the Zionist Government used his image and thus to express solidarity with the Palestinian people.
It is scheduled that on Feb. 18 Seattle Seahawks rescheduled an exhibition in Jerusalem match. The Minister of tourism, Yariv Lavin, had emphasized that visiting sportsmen would become “ambassadors of Israel for good will”. ” Not I used of this way “, said Bennett in a statement that published in its has in Twitter. Bennett (@mosesbread72) 11 of February of 2017 the player of Seattle said that has intentions of visit Israel but only if the trip includes stops in West Bank and the strip of Gaza to talk with the Palestinian.
> Abbas asks cesar settlements to resume dialogue with Israel in the text, recalling the example of Boxer Muhammad Ali, Bennett said that he also wants to “give a voice to those who lack this”. ”
Since the Zionist and expansionist policies of the Government of Israel more than half a century ago they have imposed forced exile of at least 2 million Palestinians, whose country has been with 12 per cent of their historical territory.
According to defenders of human rights, some 7,000 Palestinians, 400 of them children, they live in inhumane conditions in prisons Israeli, lacking rights such as water, food, medical attention, education, regular visits and legal defence.