Nine killed in car bomb in Baghdad blast

The capital of Iraq has been the scene of numerous attacks in the context of the armed conflict in the nation. | Photo: EFE

At least nine people died and 32 were injured this Friday by the explosion of an auto full of pumps in the street of Qatr to the nothing, located in the area of to the Risala to the Zania, in the southwest of Baghdad, capital of Iraq.
The detonation caused damages to several shops, buildings and cars near the town.
So far no terrorist group has blamed attacks, although in the majority of cases the self-styled Islamic State (Turkisch in Arabic), has been responsible for attacks suicide against places crowded markets, cafes and mosques and the Iraqi security forces.
The Mission of assistance of Nations United in Iraq indicated that in January at least 382 Iraqi died and 908 were injured in them acts of violence and the conflict armed in the nation.
> More than 30 killed in car bomb in Baghdad blast