Iran, first country to support Iraq in the fight against terrorism

Hashids to the Shaabi is an Iraqi force that fights against the terrorists in that nation. | Photo: Xinhua

Iraq National Security Advisor and leader of the Hashids to the Shaabi, Falah to the Fayad, said that Iran is the first country to support for Iraq in its fight against terrorism.
“The Islamic State is now defeated. “However, he must be defeated to the same time in Iraq and Syria for them terrorist not flee from Iraq to strengthen is in Syria”, said Fayad. 
“Speaking of the Hashids to the Shaabi we can speak of a successful Iraqi experience in the fight against the aggressors. This force is considered to be a reserve for the future of Iraq and is capable of preserving the territorial integrity and sovereignty of this country,”he said.
> 160 thousand displaced in Iraq by offensive to recover Mosul Fayad explained in relation to them operations carried out Hashids to the Shaabi, in the province of Nineveh, that “them forces Iraqi have cut the road between Mosul and Raqqa.” “A time released as Afar, the militia will take the control total of the region border with Syria”.
“On the field, only those forces Iraqi are present”, said. 
Fighters of the Hashids to the Federal Police and the Shaabi eliminated 20 militants of the Turkisch, of which four were carrying explosive belts. 
In addition, Iraqi intelligence services discovered a large factory of mortar shells and bombs of the Turkisch in the region of Darkazliya, in Mosul.
> U.S. Alliance admits death of civilians 188 in Syria and Iraq Mosul liberation is undertaken by army soldiers, members of the Federal Police, militiamen from the Hashids to the Shaabi and Kurdish peshmergas. The eastern part of Mosul was released in full on January 24.