Uruguayan President begins European tour

Vazquez is a medical oncologist and also dictates conferences on combating smoking in each of the countries. | Photo: EFE

The President of Uruguay, Tabaré Vázquez, will tour Europe. The President departed Monday from Montevideo to visit Germany, Finland and Russia two weeks.
The President travels with six of his ministers and a delegation of sixty Uruguayan entrepreneurs. They will arrive Tuesday to Berlin and begin the tour with the opening of the Pavilion of Uruguay at the Fruit Logistica fair which brings together producers and suppliers of agricultural products from all over the world.
He is expected to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the German President to Joachim Gauck, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Finnish President Sauli Niinistö your during your visit will be first meeting with Merkel, who had already expressed this weekend the importance of Uruguay and its recognition of the progress in the eradication of poverty. As well as his only experience with the legalization of marijuana.
The purpose of the visit is to negotiate and promote bilateral agreements. Several of these agreements will be signed during the visit as well as also meetings and conferences will be with businessmen from both countries.
Vazquez hopes to attract investment in infrastructure and logistics for its program of government projects. In particular a multimillion-dollar plant cellulose for paper which is being projected by the Finnish group UPM.
The Uruguayan President will talk in Moscow on international policy issues as Uruguay will occupy the Presidency of the Security Council of the United Nations Organization in May.
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