Uruguay requires to resume law against femicide

The latest victim died after an argument with his spouse, who murdered her with a pot. | Photo: Reuters

The main political formations in Uruguay, the broad front (FA) and his main opponent, the national party (PN), issued a statement to return to the law which creates the offence of feminicide, which is from 2015 stalled in the Senate.
In the course of this year there were five women killed at the hands of their partners.
FA condemned the latest assassination and expressed their commitment to deepen the regulations to “eradicate violence against women” through legal measures.
For his part, PN expressed its “deep concern” at the episodes of domestic violence and reiterated the need to take legislative measures “high impact”.
“It is necessary to establish the femicide because today have five murders so far this year and there is a need to regulate that and include it within the crimes”, said Senator PN Veronica Alonso.
> Increased number of victims by gender violence in Uruguay the last victim of 42 years died after an argument with her partner of 45 that killed it with a pot.
According to figures from the Ministry of the Interior of Uruguay, in 2016 were killed 22 women and in 2017 so far already are five victims.
> Uruguay creates project to establish the crime of femicide El Executive Uruguayan forwarded a draft law amending the Penal Code of the country to incorporate the Femicide as a “very special aggravating circumstance of the killing” and raise the penalties in these cases defined as “is would result in death a woman, upon grounds of hatred or contempt” in December 2015.
In January, four women were also killed at the hands of their partners or exparejas and a fifth was in a delicate State.