Amounts to 23 the number of dead by the rains in Peru

The authorities of security and protection Civil of Peru maintain the workings of search and rescue. | Photo: @JaimeteleSUR

The figure of dead by them rain and floods in Peru amounted this Saturday to 23, according to the last report official offered by the Ministry of the defense of that country.
The floods have left until the time to some 72 thousand people affected, as well as to some 994 homes destroyed and 46 kilometers of roads collapsed. The number of people affected by the loss of their homes amounts to 6.003 people throughout the country, reported Peruvian Defense Minister Jorge Nieto.
> Shall declare in emergency areas affected by rains in Peru during a visit to them affected in the District of Chaclacayo, to the this of Lima, Nieto said that the emergency by the floods has caused injuries to 37 people in all that region.

“In these cases, what we have done is to deploy the tents of the Institute of Civil Defense (Indeci) with the support that we have provincial and district municipalities to provide shelter to the families concerned until we begin the reconstruction,” he told the press.

Them landslides of mud and floods have caused, also, the destruction of 14 bridges and damage to others 32, as well as the obstruction of 375 kilometers of roads.

He Minister stressed that 3 thousand effective of them forces armed have been deployed for give helps before the emergency climate, the half of which are in the regions of Arequipa, Ica, Lambayeque, Lima (capital) and Piura, them more hit by them landslides.

“There are broken that not is activated from makes more than 80 years, as that that blocked the variant of Uchumayo in Arequipa, that was an event absolutely unusual.” And there are others that have been affected with intensities greater than expected,”said Nieto on the magnitude of the rains of the past few days.
> Rains wreak havoc in Peru the data: the Peruvian Government declared emergency several districts of the Lambayeque region and Loreto by floods to facilitate removal of debris and aid to victims.