Samper: ELN is the linchpin for peace in Colombia

The former President of Colombia said that the process of negotiating for peace with the ELN has nothing to do with the FARC - EP. | Photo: teleSUR

“The army of national liberation (ELN) is the missing piece in the puzzle of peace in Colombia”, so outgoing Secretary general of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur), Ernesto Samper, said during an interview in the Enclave policy programme, broadcast by teleSUR. 
Samper warned that the process with the ELN is different to which is lives with them forces armed revolutionary of Colombia-army of the people (FARC-EP) and added: “the peace full will come when complete the negotiations with the ELN, by that the Unasur sees with optimism the home of them dialogues formal”.
With regard to the murder of leaders social in Colombia, Samper clarified that there are confusion in America Latin between the work social political and “the proselytism armed” and sentenced: “the paramilitary is disguised of organizations criminal and Colombia must identify who used the violence in favour of the drug trafficking or in favour of certain interests” of actors political.
How perceived the Unasur the dialogue in Venezuela?
“The dialogue in Venezuela has served to open spaces of trust so people eradicate violence as a form of political proselytism,” said former Colombian President and added: “the dialogue in Venezuela is the only way that Venezuelans are reconciled and we can offer the possibilities to overcome the crisis”.
Samper termed the peace process in Colombia as a point of arrival after years of armed conflict but in Venezuela “dialogues are a starting point for the recovery of the country”.
Management in the Organization of regional integration, Ernesto Samper said to feel “satisfied” by the job done and noted that “there are great challenges for the Unasur as avoiding the poor on account of the crisis to return to that State of poverty and in second place we must abandon the extractive model of development”.