Minister Russian reveals details of the dialogue between Putin and Trump

The Russian Minister Serguéi Lavrov, said that the conversation between the leaders was good political sense and human | Photo: Reuters

He Chancellor of Russia, Sergey Lavrov said that the conversation sustained by the President Russian, Vladimir Putin, and its homologous American, Donald Trump, the last 28 of January showed “them areas where match them interests of them two countries”.
The conversation between Putin and Trump was “good political sense and human”, according to the Russian Minister.
> Putin and Trump discuss this Saturday, it confirms the Kremlin said Lavrov, both Presidents “have agreed to continue cooperation at the expert level and in the framework of its future contacts”, limiting dates and details thereof must be agreed upon by the rulers.
In it reference to the cooperation between Moscow and Washington in the fight against the Group terrorist self-styled State Islamic (Turkisch, in Arabic), Lavrov ensures that Russia perceived “possibilities unlimited to condition of the presence of the will political and it available of them military to meet it”.
“The military of Russia and of USA are capable of develop measures concrete in the fight against the EI and the facing the Nusra”, says the Minister.
> Trump reaffirms that Russia can contribute to finish with Turkisch also, the Member of the Cabinet Russian declares the importance of stimulate them negotiations about the situation current in Syria and warns that, in them same, must participate those that are interested in the resolution of the conflict and in the creation of them conditions in which “them own Syrian, all them groups ethnic” confessional and political they can decide how they want to be their country.”
In addition, Russia intends to clarify the matter of creating security zones in Syria in dialogue with US. In case of performing nursing homes for refugees, this procedure required to agree with the authorities of the Arab country.