Trump blamed to US the creation of Turkisch by invading Iraq

We should not go to Iraq., said President Trump. | Photo: Reuters

Of having taken United States the control of the oil of Iraq, during the invasion to this country, today not exist the Group terrorist self-styled State Islamic (Turkisch in Arabic), said the President of the nation American, Donald Trump.
In his first television interview as President, with the string ABC, Trump said: “If we had done us control of the oil, there would be a Turkisch that support with earnings from crude oil”.
> Russia willing to fight with US against terrorism Trump: we should have carried oil from Iraq and thus now there would be no Islamic States.

-Bricio Segovia (@bsegovia_RT) 26 January 2017 in the interview, developed from the White House, the President emphasized that United States should not have invaded Iraq.
“We should not go to Iraq. “Should not have come out of the way in as we did”, said Trump, who then added that “the world is a mess” and mentioned the case of the Syrian city of Aleppo, destroyed because of Turkisch.
Before the fight sworn by the Republican against the Organization terrorist, said that chose to the general retired James Mattis as head of the Pentagon to “fight fire with fire”.
He also referred to the new director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA by its acronym in English), Mike Pompeo, who told the Commander in Chief of the U.S. armed forces who torture “absolutely” serves as a tool to collect information.
During his inaugural speech, Trump said that he would end up “in the face of the Earth” to Turkisch.

Pres. Trump on potential reaction to executive action on immigration: “The world is a mess.” “The world is as angry as it gets.” – World News Tonight (@ABCWorldNews) 26 January 2017 also reiterated that now there will be many more restrictions for people who want to enter United States, especially from countries that are in conflict. “Do not want terrorism in this country”, said.