Grow in Venezuelan border exchange transactions

The Governor stressed that this measure promotes the construction of a new frontier of peace, where prevail the legal operations. | Photo: @VielmaEsTachira

Around of 3,490 transactions have been in bureaux de change located on the border of Venezuela with Colombia, from 16 until 24 January of this year, reported on Thursday the Governor of the border state of Tachira, José Gregorio Vielma Mora.
He Governor Venezuelan explained that those transactions are translated in more than one million of dollars that are processed in 2.938 million of pesos Colombian, delivered to people natural that consign them documents required.

#EnPantalla @LaPautaVTV Gob @VielmaEsTachira are working to strengthen them houses of change and the sale of fuel-Gobiernotachira (@GobiernoTachira) 26 of January of 2017 them houses of change promote the construction of a new border of the peace in which prevail them operations legal. These exchange houses are located in San Antonio de el Táchira, Sambil of San Cristobal and Barrio Obrero.
> Venezuela seeks transparency in currency exchange Vielma Mora said they will soon open four stores in Tachira to complete seven houses of change in this border area. He also stressed the good acceptance that has the action by the Venezuelan people.
“The transaction is 4 to 1, four pesos for Venezuelan bolivar, and goes with an invoice and in Colombia the Colombian pesos are delivered,” explained and said that this amount was determined according to the rate of the market in Colombia.
Vielma Mora explained that there are two types of operations: cash or check and electronics. The first is on the basis of 200 dollars and the second on a base of 300 dollars, and stressed that in none of them two cases is delivered dollars but what corresponds to the weight Colombian.
> Twenty houses of change open in border Venezuelan