Pentagon must reveal photos of torture in jail Abú Ghraib

Strong images reveal the sexual and physical abuse suffered by prisoners of the Iraqi Abú Ghraib jail. | Photo: GTRES

A US federal judge ordered the Pentagon published some two thousand photos showing the mistreatment of military prisoners in the prison of Abú Ghraib and other prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The decision of the judge in Manhattan, Alvin Hellerstein, represents a victory for the American Union of civil liberties (ACLU) Organization and other groups of civil rights who filed a lawsuit under the protection of the freedom of information act in 2004 to require the dissemination of the photos. 

Source: Cubadebate No is the first time that are disseminated images of U.S. military tortured prisoners, the first pictures showing abuses against Abú Ghraib jail inmates were issued in 2004 and showed some detainees suffering physical and sexual abuse simulated executions and downloads electric. 
“My complaint is that the Executive Branch has not articulated the reasons to justify its conclusion that the dissemination of the photos would put at risk the US military overseas,” said Hellerstein. 
In 2015, the judge ordered the diffusion of the images but leaders of Congress subsequently authorized that is not spread by the risk posed by that publication for the U.S. military. 

Photo: EFE