East of Mosul released completely, announces the Iraqi army

The Lieutenant Colonel, Talib Shaghati, announced that they were killed more than 3 thousand terrorists and destroyed 300 cars of war. | Photo: Reuters

The army of Iraq announced the total control of all the districts in the East of Mosul and the expulsion of the self-styled Islamic State (Turkisch), reported on Wednesday lieutenant general Talib Shaghati.
Shaghati reported that more than 3 thousand 300 members of the Turkisch were killed and at least 300 vehicles kamikaze were destroyed. 
The military offensive launched October 17, 2016 by the services against terrorism, managed to capture the East Bank of the Tigris River, which flows from the mountains of Anatolia through Iraq.
However, military units are battling the radical group in several districts of the Northeast, where the militants remain refugees, said the army in a statement. 
“The promise of release end and of victory total in Mosul is near realize is”, said the first Minister Iraqi, Haider to the-Abadi and added: “now is works in release what remains of them forests and palaces along the ribera Eastern and few areas where still is the Turkisch”.