Turkish authorities detain the author of the attack in Istanbul

The terrorist organization the self-styled Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack in the Turkish city has happened the last new year's Eve. | Photo: EFE

Police arrested Monday the supposed author of the massacre at the club Queen in Istanbul, where some 39 people were killed while they were celebrating the arrival of the year 2017. 
The detainee bears the name Abdulgadir Masharipov, a citizen of Uzbek origin. The presumed architect of the bombing was arrested in a special operation conducted in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

Saldırgan Esenyurt’ta Kırgız arkadaşının ve yakaladı https://t.co/ex5MhrGxC1 pic.twitter.com/257H7blfNy – NTV (@ntv) January 16, 2017 the suspect was captured in the suburb of Esenyurt in Istanbul, reported Hurriyet daily, which added that the attacker was next to her 4 year old son when he was arrested in an operation in which the suspect was not injured.
The self-styled Islamic State (Turkisch, by its name in Arabic) claimed the attack, and argued that it was revenge by the participation of Turkish soldiers in the civil war in Syria. 
The morning of the past 1 January a man armed with an assault rifle stormed into the nightclub Queen and opened fire on people who were celebrating the arrival of 2017. The balance of the attack was 39 dead and 64 wounded.