Cholera outbreak puts on alert authorities of Angola

The previous outbreak of cholera in Angola was recorded in 2012. | Photo: MSF

Angolan health authorities are on alert by the recent outbreak of cholera, affecting the northern province of Zaire since last December. 
The health situation in the nation they develop plans of contingency against this and other epidemics, reported the Angolan Minister Luís Gomes Sambo. 
He also stressed that at present are held in Angola shares of epidemiological surveillance and laboratory for the strengthening of the search for active cases of cholera. 
In February 2012 was recorded the previous outbreak of cholera in the African country in the town of Soyo, which left six dead person. However, last Friday, reported three cases, which reveals that broadcast channels still open in the territory. 
> Yellow fever cases increase in Brazil other epidemics have affected Angola recently. During the first half of 2016, the largest outbreak of yellow fever killed 381 people and infected to 884 in six months.