Daniel Ortega assumed today new mandate presidential by 5 years

Daniel Ortega will return to exercise another five-year term, after his triumph in the November 6 elections. | Photo: Cubadebate

The President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, of 71 years, will be invested on January 10 for a new period of five years, along with his wife Rosario Murillo, elected Vice President in the elections of November 6.
Ortega won again triumph in last November’s general elections, to get 72.5 percent of the votes, with his wife Murillo as partner of formula to the Vice-Presidency.
> Nicaragua: its successes and the offensive imperialist after receiving his credentials as President elected to a fourth presidential term and the third consecutively, Ortega said to be satisfied of the election day that gave the victory to the Central American country.
“We are satisfied because this is a day electoral that managed to close its phase of voting.” Despite the obstacles that you tried to put the electoral process, prevailed the will, the decision of the people”, he declared as President-elect.
Heads of State and representatives of parties of the left in Latin American countries, are coming to Nicaragua to attend the investiture ceremony that will take place in the Plaza de la Revolución, located in the old Center of Managua, where the Nicaraguan people commemorated every July 19 the triumph of the Sandinista revolution on the dictatorship of the Somoza in 1979 dynasty…

We arrived at #Nicaragua to accompany the inauguration of President Daniel Ortega brother and companion Rosario Murillo Vice President. pic.twitter.com/zS9otyB75E – Salvador Sánchez (@sanchezceren) January 9, 2017 “we come from different parts of Latin America to celebrate with you the assumption of President Daniel Ortega with a clear conscience that this is not only a great thing for Nicaragua, which its leader to be ratified at the polls and can move forward with this project which is truly leading to Nicaragua to progress “, towards the development, but is a great news for all America Latin because Daniel Ortega is one of them leaders Latin American that are the warranty required for the process of integration of the region”, said Mariano Ciafardini, of the Commission of relations international of the party solidarity of Argentina.
> Ortega and Murillo receive credentials for govern Nicaragua insofar as Andres Alvarez, of the party communist of Colombia, highlighted in the Commander Daniel Ortega, his deep vocation pacifist, because from its leadership regional has contributed to the process of peace that is forge in his nation after more than 50 years of conflict armed.
“We believe that the support has provided the Commander Ortega and the Nicaraguan revolution to the peace process in Colombia is very important and we believe that there are many experiences that we can learn to continue transforming Latin America and our country,” said Alvarez to recognize that Nicaragua with the Sandinista revolution inspires and serves as example.

In context one of them advances more notable of the Government of Daniel Ortega is the reduction of the poverty, followed by a sustained growth economic, as well as them programs social of great impact that the people same recognizes as fundamental to its development and growth.
According to analysts, in the Central American nation notes poor effective reduction and redistribution of income which places the country, according to the Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLA), the second in Latin America that has most reduced inequality.
The literacy campaign also enabled that in 2009 Nicaragua declared territory free of illiteracy by UNESCO, United Nations education, science and Cultural Organization.