Ambassador of Russia to assist Trump position decision

He Ambassador Russian in USA Sergei Kisliak. | Photo: Flickr

He Ambassador Russian in USA Sergei Kisliak, received an invitation to attend to the assumption of the President elected of United States, Donald Trump, that is held the 20 of January in Washington, advises the service of press of the mission diplomatic Russian, quoted by RIA Novosti.
“According to the practice and the rules of Protocol, foreign ambassadors are invited to the inauguration of the US President,” recalled the Embassy indicate that “was received the invitation to this event of the American party to the Russian Ambassador, Serguéi Kisliak”.
> Boris Johnson ruled out meeting with Trump in United States the institution confirmed that “the Ambassador will attend” to the Jack of Trump position. 

The assumption of the 45 ° President American will begin the 20 of January to them at 12: 00 (hour local) in the building of the Capitol, where is brings together the Congress. The President-elect has pointed out on several occasions that he intends to personally write his inaugural address.