Argentine coach ensures that Messi “never left”

The coach believes Messi deserves to retire otherwise. | Photo: EFE

Argentine coach Edgardo Bauza said that when he went to Barcelona to speak with Leo Messi, after his resignation to the Albiceleste, realized that the Argentine Star “never went away, but it was interested in much the selection”.

“I wasn’t going to convince to Messi, he was sure that in the talk was going to arise a possibility,” Bauza said in an interview published Sunday by the catalan sports daily Sport.


The then newly appointed coach met in Barcelona in mid-August with Javier Mascherano and Messi, and according to, as they were discussing soccer was given account that never left, that was interested and much selection, which was concerned about how to improve everything, which was very engaged.

“I believe that it still has much to give to the selection. And you deserve to retire otherwise. “Is deserves remove is of the selection as champion”, added the coach Argentine, blaming to “the frustration” the Rapture of Messi’s tell that left the combined national.

> Messi suffers a tear it away it from the qualifiers “needs of the team, and the team of the” Bauza is expected to have it recovered from its problems in adductor and pubis for qualifiers for the World Cup in 2018 against Brazil and Colombia, 10 and 15 November next.

The coach also confessed that direct to Messi in selection “is a big challenge because at some point you have to try to help you so that you can further boost the selection”.

“Leo brings a lot, but can still give you more if we find the proper functioning. Only Leo can not win matches. You need from the team, and the team of it. You have to achieve this harmony,”Bauza told Sport.

The Argentine coach said not to feel worried about some Messi attacks the press, considering that “Argentines are critical in nature. It is in our DNA. Always seeks controversy where there”.

“The most important is that Messi played in the argentina team. And all it contributes to the selection and the problem that causes him to rivals! “, he said.”