FMLN of El Salvador requests to remove military bases from Colombia

Commander Jose Luis Merino recalled the interest that had the FARC - EP in the Salvadoran peace process to learn. | Photo: teleSUR

Commander Jose Luis Merino “Ramiro Vásquez” of the Farabundo Marti front for the liberation national (FMLN) of El Salvador urged the U.S. Government to close its military bases in Colombia so the Colombian people can “build their process” and move forward. 

In the context of the signing of the Final peace agreement in Colombia, Vasquez recalled the peace process in El Salvador and said that at the beginning there was much distrust in the disarmament process but “we move forward and build a scenario” that consistent with the peace agreements.

The commander said that the dreams of the liberator Simon Bolivar and the leader of left-wing, Schafik Hándal in El Salvador and in Latin America are being met, especially after Monday when “the last bleeding wound of our continent is closed”.

“The people Colombian will find them roads necessary for defend their interests and hopefully not have that lead struggles from the street for reach the Government”, said the Commander and added that “the people Colombian today has more space because will strengthen its fight for sue them rights by the freedom”.

Relationship between the FARC-EP and the FMLN the peace process in Colombia made Salvadorans “we reviviéramos” the end of the war in El Salvador, so it said Vasquez. He added that the new challenge for the forces Armadas de Colombia – army of the Pueblo (FARC-EP) requires more commitment, love and a more complex scenario, the political organization.

The Commander stressed that the FARC-EP always had a huge interest by know the road travel by El Salvador for them agreements of peace. In his time “we talked with the fellow Colombian Marulanda and is generated a dynamic in which them is interested in the process of as downclimb them forces military and the war”.

“The first world meeting for peace in Colombia was developed in El Salvador,” said the Member of the FMLN and explained that for the new peace process, El Salvador accompanied Colombian peers through the transmission of knowledge about forces guerrilla and complex and timely issues.

In context the injustices that occurred in El Salvador in the 1980s made the Farabundo Marti front for the national liberation (FMLN) initiated an offensive composed of five organizations political – military.

The Government U.S. of Ronald Reagan intervened in the conflict, trained military and advised in weapons to the Government El Salvador.

The signing of the peace agreement in El Salvador ended a 12-year conflict. However, the Amnesty driven by the President Alfredo Cristiani prevented that them guilty of crimes were tried as well as some of them conditions agreed not were fulfilled in its entirety.