Corruption, great theme absent from the speech Rajoy

Rajoy suggested the continuity of economic and social policy of the last four years. | Photo: EFE

A little over an hour was what the speech lasted acting president of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, within the Chamber of Deputies to request the support of legislators in the beginning of the process of investiture.

At the beginning of his speech, Mariano Rajoy expressed in three axes the reasons that led him to seek the confidence of the deputies: Spain needs an effective government, and have provided the Spaniards and is the only alternative that seems obvious.

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Rather than request support to members of other political factions and encourage dialogue, Rajoy accused and blamed political parties for the current political crisis in Spain and prolong stagnation and uncertainty in the Spanish people.

Corruption was the big issue overlooked during the hour and twenty minutes of speech. While on other issues referred repeatedly in this matter only he invested a few segungos of his speech. He referred to the punishment of acts of corruption and noted that important facts have been advances in administration on the issue.
This statement contrasts with the scandals in which several political leaders of his tolda appear linked.

Rajoy held the supposed economic successes of his administration, citing data from economic growth, job creation, subsidies and announced that, to have the favor of the deputies, continue with the program that has led Spain to a profound social crisis.

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The chairman argued that his future government would defend the territorial integrity of Spain, referring to the independence aspirations of Catalonia and the Basque Country, making it clear that not serve secessionist demands.

Mariano Rajoy took a moment to discuss a constitutional reform and political regeneration, the leader of the Popular Party said that for a constitutional change that would change the political, social and economic laws that have governed in Spain, must go through a parliamentary discussion and the support of all MEPs.

Mariano Rajoy’s speech poked the continuity of a remote village and to the benefit of economic and political elites of the country’s social and economic policy.