Spain: Pedro Sanchez confirms stance not to Marino Rajoy

Pedro Sanchez criticized the pact between the PP and Citizens and called it conservative and continuity. | Photo: ABC

Following a meeting with President of the Government of Spain in office, Mariano Rajoy, the secretary general of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE), Pedro Sanchez, he reiterated that his tolda say “no” to the leader of the Popular Party (PP) in the coming investiture process.

“The responsibility that Rajoy loses the investiture is due to their inability to score a majority” and declared the leader of the PSOE on leaving the meeting with Mariano Rajoy also he said that since the elections on June 26 have maintained a stance very clear that is not to support a new PP government.

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The secretary general of the PSOE criticized the pact between the PP and Citizens and called it “conservative and continuo” and stressed that the proposal presented by popular not rectify the economic and social policies promoted by the four years of PP government.

For Sanchez agreement between the center-right parties does not meet the requirement of a democratic regeneration, demanded by the Spanish people.

“A party that is accused in corruption scandals can not galvanize political regeneration asking the country,” he said.

Sanchez recalled that Rajoy will attend the investiture without support, failure investiture process will be your responsibility and reiterated that the Socialist parliamentary group will say no because we do not have our confidence.

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Mariano Rajoy not get the votes of at least 176 senators, during the second investiture vote on September 2, King Philip VI must dissolve the courts again within two months and make another call for new elections that could be held on 25th December.

In context
Mariano Rajoy of the PP and Citizens Albert Rivera reached an agreement Sunday in which the Liberals pledge to support the investiture of the current president of government functions.
Although the pact was signed, the action becomes insufficient for the re-election of the Executive Rajoy ahead in the investiture session that starts next Tuesday in Congress.
The agreement, which was signed by representatives of both party, entitled “150 commitments to improve Spain” and consists of a set of reforms to the European country in the next 35 years, as a condition for support.