2.0 urinary patented able to wash and dry the penis

The urinal is able to wash himself washed mientra user's penis with a soapy solution. Then dry the member. | Photo: EFE

The biochemist and businessman Eduard Gevorkyan, economist Ivan Giner and coach Miguel Angel Levanteri, all three of Spanish nationality, recently patented the prototype urinary able to wash and dry the penis within seconds after use, in addition to self-cleaning themselves same.

Levanteri was the one who thought of the plan to redesign the urinary classic. Giner and Gevorkyan were the creators.

“(Levanteri) sought us as entrepreneurs and we suggest the use of sensors, so that the user does not have to touch anything and everything is as hygienic as possible,” said Gevorkyan.

Thus, the new urinal comprises a sensor which is activated by the use of the urinal. When the user has finished using the sensors detect it and set up a water curtain sudsy that in just three seconds clean the penis of the user. It should be noted that water also is capable of varying its temperature according to the season: cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

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After leaving the water ends, another sensor activates the drying system, the temperature also varies according to the outside temperature. This system also works for three seconds and in a similar way a hand dryer.

According to Gevorkyan, the system adapts to any user, regardless of the size of his member “for anyone in the world may be discriminated against.”

Not content with this, the device has the function of saving water: the curtain of soapy water only falls three seconds, and this is used to clean itself the urinal, since waterjet follows a direction that prevents water leave the toilet.

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high profitability
Gevorkyan has noted that other benefits of the product is that it is a cost effective method for producing companies, since it includes a double casing which lowers the manufacturing cost because the typical porcelain is no longer used.

Gevorkyan and Giner are currently negotiating with a Spanish company that wants to buy the patent, and has made them an offer of 680,000 euros (about 765,000 US dollars) after an initial became a Dutch firm that offered 300,000 euros.

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This is an invention with great commercial potential and employers know it. Gevorkyan has he said that his goal is the complete replacement of the traditional toilet long term, “as did the mixer with ordinary tap,” he said, who already is scheduled to pocisionamiento. “Iceland, Sweden and Austria are among the cleanest countries in the world. There certainly could succeed,” he predicted biochemist, although its aim is the whole world.

This can really know when in September a 3D impression of one or two prototype is made and materializes what so far is nothing more than an idea. As for the future, Gevorkyan said they want to continue to “focus” on realizing the urinary 2.0, and perhaps later to design a similar service for women “that, then yes, there is no discrimination,” he said.