Citizens considered impossible to close pact with the PP in Spain

Citizens pact between PP and looks impossible. | Photo: EFE

The deputy general secretary of the party Citizens, José Manuel Villegas, spoke today about the pact between the Popular Party and C’sy noted that since the orange organization believe that progress has been insufficient to close the agreement between the two policies toldas center right.

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Villegas said that despite “advances and approaches” is impossible “as it is now negotiating” a deal this Friday because the positions are still “too far apart”.

The representative of Citizen reported that after the meeting last Thursday between Albert Rivera and Mariano Rajoy, the PP has already put on the table figures to implement social measures required Citizens.

Points of disagreement
The budget for social program is one of the themes of honor for Citizens, orange party proposed in its program seven thousand 300 million for a plan against child poverty, strengthen the fight against school failure, enable allowances for needy families, permits equal parenting and promote child education from 0 to 3 years.

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Another point of disagreement are the institutional reforms which claims that the PP Citizens and not just assume, as those relating to the Senate, county councils or the depoliticization of Justice.

In context
On August 18 the leaders of Citizens Albert Rivera Mariano Rajoy and the Popular Party reached an agreement to form an alliance that allows the sitting president presented to the investiture process and try to form a new government.
Rajoy accepted six conditions imposed by Citizens including an anti-corruption and political and social reforms pact was.
Mariano Rajoy will be presented to the full Congress on 30 agosta to start the investiture debate, the first vote will be held on August 31, not achieve the necessary votes will proceed to a second vote on 2 September.
Failing to overcome the process of investiture, King Philip VI dissolve the courts and call new elections could be held on December 25.