Choco first reach preliminary agreements, but still unemployed

Among the issues to be served are the roads, health and water supply. | Photo: noticiasdeacacias

While the first agreements reached between the Government of Colombia and the inhabitants of Choco, the strike is maintained due to the fear that the promises are not fulfilled.

Among the agreements reached between Colombian Government and Chocoanos inhabitants is the approval of 720 billion pesos to address two of the major roads linking the Chocó with other national roads, as well as the diagnosis of infrastructure for building hospitals in second and third level.

Also to address the roads more than 500 billion pesos for the route of the approved Quibdo – Medellin, which a few months ago caused the death of more than 15 people due to bad state it is.

The second road is to Quibdó – Pereira that communicates with the Choco and the rest of the country, for this, 220 billion pesos was allocated.

It has also promised to approve a budget to study the stages corresponding to the road via the sea, and the request for diagnosis and improve airports.

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On health issues, the Colombian government has promised resources so you can build a tertiary hospital.

Another commitment is the approval of 320 billion pesos to restore the hospital of St. Francis of Assisi, the only hospital in the community.

Among other agenda items, they were also discussed, basic sanitation and water, as some people say that 80 percent of the municipalities in the department of Chocó not have this service.

In context
The people of Choco department last week stopped their daily activities until the Colombian government to hear their requests. They also said that Monday would be the day D, ie, the day most call in the streets.

Chocoanos discomfort began to feel the July 20 when the inhabitants of this town raised their voice against poverty and the iniquities of which they are victims.