Spaniards believe that political situation is very bad

Spaniards live amid political uncertainty. | Photo:

The most recent survey by Sigma Dos and El Mundo, 84.6 percent of Spaniards believe that the political situation in Spain is bad, the survey reflects the disappointment of citizens and throws quite pessimistic about the ability of parties to end the institutional crisis.

According to the survey the percentage of Spaniards who sees possible government formation is less than 36 percent, than those who favor the convening of a third elections, reaching 45.9 percent of the sample.

>> Process investiture of Mariano Rajoy will be on August 30
The study also determined that 33 percent of Spanish voters more responsibly the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) in the case of no government, while 24 percent would signal the Popular Party (PP).

The results of the survey highlighted that around 80 percent of respondents felt that a new call for elections could damage the image of Spain abroad.

According to the survey 52.2 percent of respondents say that a change in the candidate by the Popular Party, could facilitate the endowment and form a new government.

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Despite being a sympathetic view of the socialist parties, 48.5 percent of the members of the PP are the same thought versus 40 percent considered irrelevant as to have a possible withdrawal of government Rajoy.

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According to the results of the survey Spaniards consider unlikely that a new government is achieved during the investiture process and support a third elections they would be scheduled for December 25.

Two Sigma Survey for ‘The World’ was conducted on a sample of thousand interviews between 16 and 18 August.

In context
Spain turned 8 months without a government after the elections of December 20, 2015, unable candidate PSOE, Pedro Sanchez to form a new government new elections for July 26 was convened.
Mariano Rajoy attend next August 30 to Congress to start the investiture debate, on August 31 start would be given to the votes of not achieving the votes of 169 deputies, on September 2 would take place the following ratings with which suffice simple majority of deputies to be invested.
Not to exceed the investiture process, King Philip VI, should dissolve the courts and call a new election for December 25