The PSOE insists on its ‘No’ to Rajoy and requests investiture date

PSOE evaluates its policies and remains firmly in the PP NO. | Photo: Reuters

The president of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE), Micaela Navarro, said Wednesday that his party maintains its NO to the presidential inauguration leader, Mariano Rajoy Popular Party (PP).

Prior to the meeting that will hold the members of the socialist tolda to reaffirm their refusal to a second term of popular leader, Navarro made it clear that they are “responsible party that does not change position every 24 hours.”

It also regretted that the focus of recent weeks is set to the PSOE expect to refrain in the round of investiture or simply say yes to the candidate who is present.

>> Rajoy without progress for reelection in Spain
“Everyone who solve their problems and they will not pass the ball to anyone,” said the leader.

For his part, Secretary of Studies and Programs of the PSOE, Meritxell Batet said that the organization does not arise explore the option of investing another candidate of PP, alternative to the current party leader, Mariano Rajoy.

“The problem is not only Mr. Rajoy, but also the policies of the PP and its conception of politics,” said Batet in an interview with Cadena SER, gathered by Europa Press.

He said that abstain in the investiture of Rajoy would “endorse” four years of absolute majority “that have governed this country back to the rest of the political forces and social sectors.”

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On Wednesday, the secretary general of the Socialist Party, Pedro Sanchez, Congress meets in their teams to design the political course of the organization, as well as urge the PP leader to set the inauguration date.
The meeting comes after pressure from grassroots leaders for the PSOE provide support “so that there is an endowment that will serve to elect a president.”

The PP has insisted in recent days that if Spain has to return to the polls and participate in a third elections seeking to form government, the responsibility would weigh on the Socialists, something the red party has rejected.

We can expect Rajoy fail
The secretary of Podemos, Pablo Echenique, said Wednesday he expects Mariano Rajoy “fail” in the investiture to sit down with the PSOE and form a “government of progress.”

I understand that when you fail the investiture of Rajoy we will sit to talk with the PSOE because there is no other alternative: either PP government, progress or third elections, “he said Echenique.

In context
In a period of six months, Spain held two general elections: December 20, 2015 and June 26; but none of the political parties could win an absolute majority in the Congress of Deputies, which was frozen the inauguration of a president in the country.
A possible sanctions arising from the absence of pacts could also be added stigma to the international community that the fourth largest economy of the euro is unable to present a state budget after two general elections in six months.
Spain no longer has grounds to get rid of the fine, so it is necessary that as government before October.
To invest a president in Spain, it is necessary that in a first vote the candidate receives the support of an absolute majority of Congress. Hence Rajoy, possible presidential candidate, press for the support of the fractions.