Spanish Justice confirms that not accuse evasion Messi

Currently Messi is injured and will not play with his selection. | Photo: Reuters

The Spanish justice confirmed Tuesday that will not prosecute the Argentine footballer Lionel Messi tax evasion, considering it was his father, Jorge Messi, who manipulated their economic interests and managed to pay their taxes.

The announcement was made by the Prosecutor of the Spanish court, who leads the trial of Lionel Messi for alleged tax evasion in Spain.

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For its part, the Public Ministry (MP) Spanish maintained his position in an indictment submitted to the Court of Instruction No. 3 of Gava (Barcelona), which takes up the cause, but the prosecution had acquitted Messi fraud.

Fact: A family Messi is accused of three tax offenses amounting to 4.1 million euros.
10 of Barcelona and his father were charged with three offenses against the Treasury under Article 305 of the Spanish Penal Code and referred to the Income Tax of Individuals (income tax) for 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Messi, in his statement of 27 September 2013 to questions from the judge handling the case, said spontaneously that “silver handled my dad and I trusted him.”

As a defendant in the Argentine said he knew nothing about tax matters and therefore had advisers who manage these issues.

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