Pope Francis calls the bishops to listen to families

Francisco said the dream of God is the union of love between man and woman. | Photo: EFE

Opening the morning session of the Synod of Bishops on the Family, Pope Francisco advised the clergy not only focus discussion on the topic of divorced and remarried, said Tuesday the Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi.

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The Vatican spokesman explained that during the meeting, the Pope said: “We should not allow ourselves to condition or reduce our synodal horizon as if the only problem was that of giving communion to divorced and remarried, you must consider the breadth of topics. “During the meeting it has addressed the need to use appropriate language for the Church that helps to describe the problems and challenges which cut across the current family and to avoid falling into misinterpretations of the situation or people.

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Some of the interventions of the bishops stressed the importance in the life of Catholics and Christians regarding a pastor or priest to guide and stressed that the role of these “is essential in the formation of couples” .Pope Francisco could travel to Mexico
On Tuesday, the Vatican revealed that he is considering the Pope Francisco made a visit to Mexico in 2016.

The deputy director of the Vatican press office, Ciro Benedettini, told EFE that the visit to Mexico is still under study but have taken the first step forward. But he would not confirm whether the trip would include other countries in the region.

The stay in Mexico would be the fourth visit of Pope Francisco to America.
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