China could join Russia’s action against terrorism in Syria

J-15 fighter-bombers, take off from the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning (CV-16) to reach the Syrian port of Tartus. | Photo: Red and yellow

The Chinese government could join the Russian military action taking place in Syria, in order to combat the terrorist group calling itself the Islamic State (EI), responsible for over eight million displaced persons in the region.

Vea- → Russia achieves removal Islamic State northwest Syria
It is likely that the Chinese aircraft will join Russian air operations against terrorism, as Beijing warned Moscow that soon would join the military campaign in Syria, it has achieved the withdrawal of more than three thousand extremists who are trying to reach to Europe.

Video: Syria: more than 3000 fleeing terrorists to Jordan after Russian offensive http: // / u8zVVu5zYP

– Hisham Wannous (HishamteleSUR) October 5, 2015

For his part, Minister of Foreign Affairs of China Wang Yi said during his intevención at the United Nations that “the world can not stand by and sit and watch with arms crossed” and invited nations to join forces.

Chinese foreign minister called on the UN to increase global fight against terrorism in Syria.

J-15 fighter-bombers, take off from the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning (CV-16) to reach the Syrian port of Tartus.
This possible intervention of China represent a milestone for Beijing, as it will be its first military operation in the Middle East. Moreover, this is the first time you are going to use the aircraft carrier Liaoning in actual combat conditions.Here- → Russia shows 3 new videos of attacks against IE in Syria.
On the other hand, Iraq and Russia have just concluded an agreement for Russian aviation start using the air base of Al-Taqaddum in Habaniya, 74 kms west of Baghdad, to bomb the positions of the Islamic State in northern Iraq and northern Syria.

The Iraqi prime minister, Haidar al-Abadi, said Thursday that his country would welcome Russian air strikes against Iraq EI.Russia in 24 hours nine positions attacked the Islamic state in Syria
TeleSUR permanent correspondent in Damascus (capital) Wannous Hisham noted that in just 24 hours and 20 flights, the Russians managed to attack attacks nine positions of the Islamic State destroying weapons caches, explosive belts factories, mine carts and other munitions war.

Wannous clarified once again that Russian bombs do not reach the lives of civilians, they are specialized to specific targets for terrorists, with almost no margin for error satellites targeted.

For its part, the Russian Defense Minister Igor Konashenkov said the Su-34, Su-24M and Su-25 launched attacks aimed at disrupting the control of terrorists and disrupt the system of military-technical supply of these “, said.
Konashenkov said the Su-24M attacked a communications center of the Islamic State in the Syrian province of Homs (center-west) and destroyed a command post near Rastan, in the province of Hama (center). Also, near the town of Talbisah, in the same province of Homs, they were attacked three facilities used by the Islamic State. The attacks destroyed two arsenals.

Terrorists begin to abandon their posts and deployed in villages near the border with Turkey.- Hisham Wannous (HishamteleSUR) October 4, 2015

Syrian citizens are grateful to Russia fighting against EI
Syrian citizens in the government-controlled territories of Bashar al-Assad received the Russians as military heroes and believe that the Moscow air operation against the Islamic state will end the war, the British media reported.

The international news editor of a British broadcaster, Lindsay Heelsum, reported that “residents controlled by the Syrian government of Latakia and Tartus territories see the Russians as loyal friends and that after four years of civil war have been to help “.”The Russians are the heroes of the day. The local population welcomes foreigners who visit and expressed his enthusiasm for President Putin, who, they believe, will deliver them from terrorism,” he said.
The reporter said that many Syrian citizens assume that the West is supporting the Islamic State.
“We see that the Russians are determined to defeat the terrorists, while the US and its coalition seem to have no such intention. Last year, the US fought against terrorism, but strengthened EI instead of becoming weaker . Therefore we believe that the US coalition does not show serious intentions, “British journalist quoted the mayor of Tartus.More than 600 terrorists abandon the sites occupied in Syria and try to go to Europe

– Hisham Wannous (HishamteleSUR) October 4, 2015

For its part, the Argentine analyst Galeb Moussa said during an interview with Telesur program Agenda Open Russia achieved in a week what did the United States during his intervention in Syria: the breakaway Islamic state in the region.

He said that about three thousand militants fled to Jordan while other 600 went to Turkey to try to reach Europe.
Worth mentioning that another 700 members of EI were delivered to the Syrian authorities and laid down their arms to join the national reconciliation program proposed by President Bashar al Assad.

Since last September 30 the Russian Navy aviation develops a selective military campaign in Syria, aimed at fighting the Islamic state, terrorist group that has not only caused financial losses to the Arab nation, such as the Arc de Triomphe in Palmira, but has executed numerous beheadings, massive explosions, kidnappings and war crimes.

International experts and analysts say the EI act and is funded with the consent of Western powers seeking to seize strategic resources of Syria, by a blow to the Assad government.

Russia was the first country who dared to support Syria in the fight against terrorism EI, after receiving an official request his government. Its president, Vladimir Putin, has repeatedly stated that the attacks are only concentrated in these centers or settlements where lie rebel weapons, armored vehicles and ammunition.

The Russian attacks are seen welcomed by the Syrian population, because the extremists have evacuated the region. Russia pledged to intensify the bombing to end terrorism.

The Russian attacks are released to the public in detail by the Ministry of Defence and are coordinated with the Syrian government.