Correa: The revolutionary nations are forged in difficulty

Correa insists that the media lie about Ecuador | Photo: The Citizen

The president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, emphasized that the countries where the revolution benefits people have been forged in the difficulties and despite the destabilizing intentions “mediocre”, referring to the international media campaign which is victim Andean nation.

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Through his Twitter account, Correa mentioned some examples of countries where oil revenues is not their main livelihood and economic problems have not shown the great communication corporations, since their goal is to attack the revolutionary countries.

… The nations, like people, are forged in the difficulties. The poor take advantage of tough times for politics, we ..- Rafael Correa (MashiRafael) September 8, 2015

… For more creativity and work. Canada, the 11th in the world economy, in recession for the fall in oil prices, despite being just

– Rafael Correa (MashiRafael) September 8, 2015

… 3% of its GDP and 27% of its exports; have a national currency and a neo liberal model. Here, the poor say the problem ..- Rafael Correa (MashiRafael) September 8, 2015

… It is the model of the Revolution, although oil is 11% of GDP and 52% of exports, and not have national currency …

– Rafael Correa (MashiRafael) September 8, 2015

… Crash oil and dollar appreciation have been very tough blows, but we have done very well, and move on. Happy week.- Rafael Correa (MashiRafael) September 8, 2015

Correa reflection published these messages through your account on the social network Twitter, after the British newspaper The Economist disseminate distorted information, according to the president on the economic, political and social development of Ecuador.

Do you remember that it was our fault “model”? http: // / 3a8EPv3vJS That never deceive us more!

– Rafael Correa (MashiRafael) September 8, 2015

On September 5, the dignitary criticized media publications The Economist and The Guardian, and the French newspaper Le Monde, on the demonstrations promoted by opposition sectors between June and July.

During his weekly Link Citizen # 440, made in Chillogallo, Pichincha province (north) Correa, said that the information published by the media “distort the reality of the country” and urged executives to visit Ecuador to which find that what happens in Ecuador.In context
The Ecuadorian right tries to provoke since June output of the Presidency Rafael Correa, by destabilizing demonstrations as part of a plan called soft coup purposes.

They justify their actions with the rejection of the law project for the Wealth Redistribution (inheritance) and perks (Goodwill) driven by the President on behalf of the population with fewer resources and affect only two percent of the population.

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