Uruguay will invest 12 billion dollars in infrastructure

The president of Uruguay, Tabare Vazquez, recalled that during its campaign unveiled its investment project. | Photo: EFE

The government of President of Uruguay Tabare Vazquez said Monday it will invest 12 billion dollars in infrastructure.

“Investment is needed to sustain the growth that the country has had in the last 10 years condition,” the South American president, who recalled that the campaign period proposed the implementation of the Strategic National Infrastructure Plan.

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The head of state said that 66 percent of the investment will be financed by public funds and the remaining third by private funds. In that order, he stressed that is not contemplated the use of international reserves.Government action will promote an “extraordinary” source of employment “decent to bring the main purpose which is to improve the quality of life of Uruguayans,” said President Vazquez.

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Investment distribution
In the area of ​​energy will go four thousand 230 million dollars to be broken down as follows: one thousand 370 million dollars to the National Administration of Power Plants and Electrical Transmissions (UTE); $ 270 million for National Fuel, Alcohol and Portland (ANCAP); $ 390 million for the regasification; $ 460 million in public-private systems, leasing and trust for the transmission of UTE participation; and finally, a thousand 740 million dollars PPA (Power Purchase Agreement, for its acronym in English) for wind, solar and biomass.Learn more: Tabare Vazquez: Mercosur moves towards its flexibility
In roads will invest 2 billion 360 million dollars, divided into $ 740 million for public-private participation, a thousand 590 million dollars to the Ministry of Transport and Public Works and the Highway Corporation and $ 30 million for grants routes 5 and 8. In social infrastructure (education, hospital, in care and public safety) will use a thousand 870 million dollars; housing a thousand 320 million dollars; communications will invest $ 750 million; for water and sanitation will be allocated $ 550 million and $ 550 million ports.For rail network will have $ 360 million to be distributed as follows: Funds for Mercosur Structural Convergence (FOCEM) will be $ 200 million plus 10 million conditioned upon the railway reform; the proposed public-private participation Algorta-Fray Bentos will receive $ 90 million for rolling stock and $ 60 million.

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For the Interior Development Fund (IDF) will be allocated 200 million dollars for the cement sector ANCAP will be $ 80 million and other works will have $ 100 million, making a total of 380 million.With this Plan National Plan “will optimize the production capacity which has Uruguay and its projection as a logistics hub” and allow “increase social welfare and improve the quality of life for all Uruguayans,” the president championed by the party Frente Amplio (FA).

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