US .: granted bail on medical related Medicare fraud

The Dominican ophthalmologist awaiting trial for a scam of 105 million US dollars. | Photo: Reuters

The Dominican Medical Solomon Melgen linked to a millionaire fraud against the public health system of the United States (Medicare), he was released on bail of 18 million dollars, half of Florida (US south reported ).

The doctor, friend of US Senator Robert “Bob” Menendez, was arrested last April in Palm Beach County, north of Miami (South Florida).

The prosecution and lawyers ophthalmologist, 60, reached an agreement and Melgen was released Thursday night after agreeing the millionaire bail bonds, totaling $ 18 million, as reported by the media The Palm Beach Post.Despite the bail, awaiting trial Melgen against a scam -previsto 105 million dollars in February 2016 and is closely linked to Sen. Menendez, whom he is also accused of corruption in another case New Jersey state (north of USA).

Menendez was charged on April 1 by the Department of Justice of 14 charges, including fraud, conspiracy and bribery is included, among others.

The courts hold that Sen. used his position in the Senate to help Melgen -a donor Democratic Party in private business and allegedly received benefits.According to the indictment, between January 2009 and 2013, Menendez received nearly $ 1 million in gifts and campaign contributions of Melgen.

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