Tsipras: we build a democratic Europe without fear and blackmail

IMF calls Greek debt unsustainable but keeps pressure

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras urged Friday the Greek electorate to vote for the option “No” on Sunday to build a more just and more democratic Europe.

“On Sunday we will send a message of democracy and dignity to Europe and the world. Sunday will not just decide to stay in Europe, we will be deciding to live with dignity in Europe, “Tsipras said in a concentration filled Syntagma Square in Athens with over 25 thousand people.

Tsipras has called for a great and worthy NO against fear and blackmail. #Grecia

– Vicent Montagud (VicentteleSUR) July 3, 2015

“Nobody has the right to threaten us.Greece is our homeland, is and will always be a new hope to the world, “he said.

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“We are celebrating our courage and determination. We are celebrating the overcoming of fear and overcoming blackmail, “said Tsipras.

The prime minister called the Greek people to write a new story on Sunday and invited them to say a big “No” to the ultimatum of the troika.

TeleSUR special envoy to Athens, Rodrigo Hernandez reported Friday on the social ownership of Greeks support the ‘yes’ side to the referendum.Voters who are on the ‘yes’ have two profiles or are part of a wealthy class, ie those in the highest areas, which according to previous reports of journalist and envoy to Greece “have improved 20 percent of its economy despite the crisis. “- On the other side are those who have been driven by fear that seek to convey some conservative politicians and the media bombardment of the media, if they vote for the ‘no’.

The journalist and contributor to Telesur, Rodrigo Hernandez analyzed that it is “a speech focused on the uncertainty, knowing what will happen after these talks, although Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has stressed in his speeches to answer ‘no’ in consultation referendary can improve the situation of dialogue with the European Union (EU) “.Meanwhile it is waiting for what will happen after the referendum. He noted that what can be generated is improving conditions with the EU, but foresaw that this “discourse of fear” can affect the Greeks who have limited economy and “care of what can happen with your future” He concluded Hernández.

In context
Tsipras demanded on Friday the International Monetary Fund (IMF) a reduction of 30 percent and a grace period of 20 years as the only way to make Greek debt sustainable, representing 95,000 remission.The Council of State of Greece, the highest ranking administrative court in the Greek nation, Friday rejected the appeal filed by two citizens against the referendum scheduled for Sunday, which gave the green light to the referendum.
The data
A total of 10 000 837 000 118 Greeks decide whether to accept the proposals of the troika. According to the Ministry of Interior, the preliminary results of voting will be available starting at 1800 GMT.
Through voting will answer to the question “We have to accept the draft agreement was presented by the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund”.