Russia: West plans to change of government

Sanctions against Moscow intensified after reunified Crimea with Russia. | Photo: File

The secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev said Thursday that “the West imposes sanctions to bring about a change of power in Russia”, quoted News RT.

To Patrushev “sanctions applied against Russia aim to reduce our economic potential to influence policy we conduct and, in principle, change the current leaders of the country,” he quoted Sputnik News.

In his statement to the press, the Russian Secretary spoke about the implementation of actions against Western countries that support sanctions against Russia, and thus devise a strategy to ensure the economy and reduce the dependencies with the West.Lee: “Putin market closes sanctioned countries Russia”
He added that “we need to draft a strategy for economic security of Russia until 2030″. In this regard, he said the sale of raw materials tied to dependence on Russia, is no less important challenge.

The senior official went on to say that the export of oil “cause further damage in the past in relative terms”, so also expressed confidence that this situation will gradually decrease.

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In context:
The onslaught that began West against Russia, began after the reunification of Crimea with Russia in March 2014.

On August 2014, Brussels sanctioned economically to Russia, the spread in September that year and in late June the foreign ministers of the European Union to extend the back by six months.