R. Kingdom knew of use of chemical weapons in Iran-Iraq war

Some 600 000 Iranians killed in the war. | Photo: File

Declassified documents revealed that during the Iran-Iraq war (1983) instigated by the Western powers and the United Kingdom, the Government of that country was aware of the use and production of gas by Baghdad, but did not take measures to persuade his Arab ally.

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According to several documents, the main reason why London (UK) had failed to intervene was that a British firm was supplying the necessary elements to make chemical weapons.

In the secret archive of 1983, entitled Manufacture of chemical weapons in Iraq, diplomats warn the British Government any action against this country. “Be careful, because even our own tear gas (one kind of chemical weapon) has not escaped criticism.(The Russians claim that the use of chemical weapons in Northern Ireland by London violated the Geneva Protocol). ”

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“Another important factor is that the British company Weir Group has provided, it seems, the Samarra bomb factory with the impression that would be used in the manufacture of pesticides,” the file.