Pope’s visit to South America would help solve problems

Peace is not given away, is sought, fight and build. | Photo: teleSUR

Telesur interviewed the Nobel Peace Prize 1980, Adolfo Perez Esquivel, honored for his commitment to the defense of democracy and human rights through nonviolent means.

The Nobel Prize highlighted the active participation that has been happening in Latin America Telesur, saying “It is the only medium that reports what is happening in the world and makes it objectively (..) is a window to the world, reflection, analysis, criticism “.

Perez Esquivel said about the conflicts experienced by some noting that economic, political and military interests have affected the region nations.

Meetings with Pope Francisco
Adolfo Perez Esquivel has met on several occasions with Pope says that when the pope visited Israel and Palestine, he was given reports which mentions the Palestinian situation.

“Francisco try to make a rapprochement with Shimon Peres, (by then president of Israel) and Hamas, I invite you to the Vatican, but it happened a huge slaughter in Palestine, provoked by Israel,” Esquivel said.

Visit of Pope Francisco in the region
With regard to the visit by the Pope to South America, the Nobel Prize said that “It would be helpful for the latent conflict between Bolivia and Chile over access to the sea”.

He considers that the visit to Paraguay Francisco “would help the problems of repression, human rights, the case of farmers, is a country that needs the word and hope that this will contribute to a rapprochement and settlement of internal conflicts having the Paraguayan people, “said Pérez Esquivel.

“The Pope is careful not only Latin America but what happens in other countries, he is concerned about the issue of the displaced, exiled and those affected in the Mediterranean”.

Perez Esquivel argues that there is a great difference between Francis and the rest of the Popes, says that the others were dignitaries of the church, “Francisco is a pastor. Each has its particularity, but the features that differentiates them is the approach people, peoples, comes another way, it is like a shepherd. ”

Other themes

Moreover, the Nobel Prize adds, “It has taken the pretext of the attack on the twin to invade Iraq towers, after Syria Libya, and suffering is the people before had one Saddam Hussein, there are now ten.”

“Few people talk about the great massacres, more than 3 million deaths in Rwanda and Congo, that’s another problem we try to accompany the lawsuits should have resolutions, we must reform the United Nations really is democratic because today it is not. ”

Regarding Israel and Palestine, argues that no type of sanction Israel over the invasion of Palestinian territory, “the Palestinian people are subjected to an open-air prison, less and less chance of development”.

Says that this has to do with the veto of a great power like the United States, “There are five countries with veto power, the United States uses this right to not punish Israel, so this keeps ( …) The case of the Middle East is affecting not only the region but brings global repercussions. ”

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