Mexico: Found two bodies hanging from a bridge in Michoacan

The bodies were found by passersby. | Photo: EFE

Two bodies were found hanging from a bridge in Michoacan (Mexico southwest). The discovery took place Friday morning by passers-by highway connecting that body with the central state of Mexico.

According to the spokesman for the prosecution of Michoacan, Magdalena Guzman, the death of the two unidentified men might respond to an action of organized crime.

In June 2014 organized crime killed 856 people in Michoacan.

“So far, the identity of the subject is unknown, and the motive for the crime, although the characteristics it is presumed that a criminal organization might be behind the fact,” said the official.

Guzman reported that the bodies were tied with wire and rope bridge in Michoacan, were taken to the Forensic Medical Service Morelia (state capital).”The drug cartels operating in Mexico tend to kill their enemies or victims to then expose their bodies on public roads, sometimes with severed parts”, he told the official.

Michoacan was plagued for years by the Knights Templar, a cartel murderous drug dealer who wove ties with local authorities.

In May 2015, the total number of deaths in the clash between Mexican federal police and gunmen New Generation Jalisco Cartel amounted to 43, a fact raised in the community of Tinaja de Vargas, in the western state of Michoacan.

Only in June 2013, more than 800 people died in the violence of organized crime in Mexico. Michoacan is a state bordering Guerrero, is the third most violent in the country entity and that is where community have arisen calls “self-defense”, guards organized crime, extortion, kidnappings and murders.