Colombia is the first Latin American country to apply euthanasia

The man of 79 years who underwent the first euthanasia in AL, expressed in writing their desire to die with dignity. | Photo: viewer

Colombia applied this Friday the first legal euthanasia in that country and in Latin America and the Caribbean, an issue that the region remains taboo.

It is the Colombian Ovidio Gonzalez, 79, who was suffering from a cancer that caused him great pain and had disfigured his face.

The procedure was performed in the Clinical Oncologists West (center of Colombia) and thanked since April in the South American country there is a protocol for assisted death prepared by the Ministry of Health by order of the Constitutional Court.See also → Colombia: Church applied euthanasia would close hospitals
According to the protocol, the patient to qualify for assisted dying is applied simply a powerful sedation.

No other country in Latin America and the Caribbean has gone so far on the right to an assisted death (euthanasia), which contrasts with democratic progress in the region on issues like abortion, gay marriage and the decriminalization of marijuana.

The head of the Foundation for the Right to Die with Dignity, Carmenza Ochoa, founded in Colombia in 1980, Gonzalez’s case is the first legal euthanasia in Latin America.The deceased drafted a text that warranted the procedure: “Gentlemen Oncologists de Occidente SA I, José Ovidio González Correa, 79 years of age, in full possession of my mental authorized and freely and voluntarily, I express my intention to that I perform euthanasia. The above request I make under oath, with absolute conviction and the free exercise of my fundamental right to die with dignity “.

Euthanasia was approved Thursday by a committee of experts from the cancer center at the request of the patient suffering from cancer.

Did you know?
In mid-May in Chile died young Maureira Valentina, who had asked months before President Michelle Bachelet permission to euthanized.

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